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It’s such a great honor to be invited to speak at IAAPA! I attended my first IAAPA back in 2017, been participating on discussions since 2018, and I have…

Gregg (and Dana Ware and Alexandre Teodoresco 🎪) thanks so much for the sober and real talk about the challenges of creating experiences in virtual spaces (I won’t say the M word). As you all mentioned the distribution network isn’t there yet and it is key that any experience created in a virtual space be accessible by any device…headset, mobile, laptop, etc.

I also can’t thank you enough for addressing failure. Too many of these talks gloss over the hard part and only celebrate the end result. All of the lessons (and reasons for success) come from the failure along the way and we should never shy away from talking about it.

Looking forward to what you all do in the near future.

Replied to Terry Hancock ( (RealSocial.Life) Y'all are talking like Wordpress doesn't have AP integration, when it does. There's been a plugin for awhile now. I've used it (self-hosting). As for what it "looks like" in federation, that's somewhat configurable: you can share whole posts, or summaries with a link. And responses to it can be mirrored onto the WP site as comments. Just checked: it's not available for free on the flagship site, but it is available with the "business" plan.

I mean, here I am replying to your message via my WP site. It’s not an elegant process but it works.

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@osmoticferenc have you been watching my games!?