All of us, that is, users of Facebook and its properties (Instagram, Whatsapp, etc…) should be carefully watching how Facebook handles the Cambridge Analytica debacle. Me? My finger is hovering over the delete button while we learn the full extent of the situation.

In the mean time here’s some info from the EFF on locking down your data sharing to third parties and another from Boing Boing on how to really, truly delete your Facebook account. Thanks to the EU and GDPR they actually have to delete it…and some other resources to help you get caught up.

News about the whole thing:




Friends! As some of you know I’ve been collaborating with Cynthia Minet on her new installation that will soon be opening at the International Museum of Art and Science in McAllen, Texas. If you’re in Los Angeles this Sunday, March 4th from 2p – 5p you can get a sneak peak of the work at Cynthia’s studio here at the Brewery.

Migrations and Cynthia

I worked with Cynthia on the lighting/audio system design and programming. Each sculpture has about 49 RGB LEDs in it controlled with a Trinket microcontroller. The audio is triggered by motion and powered from a Trinket Pro. If you have questions, you’ll have to come to the studio 🙂

There is more info on the open studio at the Facebook event page. We hope to see you there.