Logo for Walkabout Mini Golf

If you haven’t had a chance to mini golf in VR you are missing out. I admit I was skeptical of the format at first but oh man, it’s so great. Mighty Coconut has done such an incredible job with Walkabout Mini Golf. Not only are the physics and feedback of the golf mechanics excellent, the choice of music, ambient sound, course design, environment design, and an appropriate amount of side quests all make for some remarkable place making. All of this while maintaining a low-poly aesthetic that may appear, at first glance, outdated if you judge it on screenshots alone but only adds to the charm and character of the worlds they’ve built.

Not only did they build a great experience, they’re using their worlds in clever ways to hold interviews and create other content. I only just happened upon their Talkabout series and you should check out some of the interviews.

Since November of 2023 I’ve attempted to use my WordPress based site as my window to the Fediverse. I’m using a combo of these plugins: Friends, Enable Mastodon Apps, and ActivityPub.  While this more or less works as it should there are still some rough spots to iron out and it’s far from ideal. Granted, most of my interaction is via Mastodon and that is but a portion of the Fediverse but there are various things I cannot do even if accessing my site via Mastodon apps. Sharing links externally is cumbersome, I would need to leave the app I was using and go to my Friends page on the web, find the link, click it, then share it. I cannot follow hashtags (yet). Following new accounts needs to be done via the web interface and doesn’t work within apps. I have no intention of decoupling my site from the Fediverse but I will return to my Mastodon instance (follow me! @vaughnhannon@m.socialyeti.club ) for regular posting and consuming of all the goodness.