Now that the ActivityPub plugin for WordPress is mature I’m going to attempt to use only my WordPress based site as my gateway to the Fediverse. The Friends plugin should make this feasible. I’m also hoping to eventually use the Indiepass app  for reading/writing. Don’t quite have the reading part sorted out yet tho. I may follow you again from my domain. Don’t be alarmed.

Really great reminder from the EFF about protecting yourself in the Fediverse (and on the internet in general). Remember, Mastodon (and many other ActivityPub based services) are a public square and should be treated as such!

Not that you asked…but I’m not leaving Twitter…yet. Just reducing my exposure. As usual I post to first and I’ll be hanging on Mastodon as it is delightful over there. Either way you can follow me on any Fediverse platform either @vaughn or  See ya there.