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"There’s a lot of disagreement over how soon the artificial general intelligence moment will arrive. Microsoft researchers say they’ve already seen “sparks” of AGI in GPT-4 (Microsoft owns 49% of OpenAI). Anthropic CEO Dario Amodei says AGI will arrive in just two to three years. DeepMind co-founder Shane Legg predicts that there is a 50% chance AGI will arrive by 2028."

Can I too pull numbers out of my behind & predict the 2nd coming, and get taken seriously?

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Folks remembering today – remember that he was moving publicly-funded research out from behind a paywall.

Then remember the only reason the case went forward is because federal prosecutors, specifically Carmen Ortiz and Stephen Heymann, wanted to make an example of him.

“Theft is theft, and it doesn’t matter if you use a crowbar or a computer” were Heymann’s words at the time.

Notice how federal prosecutors aren’t bullying Sam Altman for the wholesale theft of content network-wide, to build a machine that spews bullshit and further destroys our ability to determine the truth?

It’s because he’s doing it for private profit, while Aaron worked for the public good.

Never let yourself be tricked into believing the legal system is a justice system.