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A fundamental narrative failure of everyone talking about OpenAI as the company that wants to build safe AI is that their literal claim to fame is rushing to ship ChatGPT based on a technology which Google invented but thought was too unsafe to ship.

This is a company focused on shipping generative AI tech as quickly as possible and capturing as many customers as possible before competitors catch up.

They are AI doomers mainly to slow down the industry not themselves.

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The annual Thanksgiving tradition has obscured the historical reality of Native American genocide: dispossession from their lands, efforts to destroy their cultures, and the slaughter of their communities.

It is important to remember this past as we celebrate with our families and bear witness to current struggles against genocide and imperialism. Around the world, Indigenous people are continuing to resist and refuse to be erased.


Harvard Library American Indigenous Studies Resource List:

Land Back Movement:

Find out whose land you are on:

(I am on the Tongva land:

Defend the Weelaunee Forest (stolen Muscogee land):