A heavily designed postcard for the twice yearly Brewery Artwalk.

Fall Artwalk is here! If you’re in Los Angeles come by the Brewery on Saturday or Sunday or BOTH anytime from 11a-6p to see artists in their real world live/work spaces. Come early for the easiest parking! There is beer, there are food trucks, there is art! Check this page for more info. See you this weekend!

There are a lot of options this but please consider donating to keep the Brewery Artwalk alive! Donate via GoFundMe

Hello friends!

The Brewery Artwalk has been a staple of the Los Angeles arts scene for 40 years and the pandemic has, of course, taken its toll. Artwalk is a free event fully funded by the artists who open their doors and managed by volunteers who make up the Brewery Artwalk Association (a 501(c)3 non-profit org). Since we haven’t been able to hold an Artwalk for the last two years the BAA’s financial reserves are at a critical low. Without this fundraising drive we won’t be able to get an Artwalk up and running this spring. If you are able to donate, please do and if you are unable to please share our GoFundMe page with your networks.