Drank Vaughn is drinking a Foreteller by There Does Not Exist (Untappd)
Surprisingly roasty. I'm usually pretty meh about black lagers but this one has nice flavor and a little more body.

I am drinking Foreteller by There Does Not Exist at Untappd at Home in .

Name: Foreteller
Brewery: There Does Not Exist
Style: Lager – Dark
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 5.1%
IBU: 0
Brewer’s Notes: Foreteller is a black lager brewed with soft water, German malt & hops, time, and our beloved, all seeing lager yeast. A base of pilsner malt sets the stage for a sprinkling of various highly kilned, and roasted, specialty malts. The combination of these raw materials yield a beer that is black in color, with tinges of ruby red around the edges of your glass, and flavors + aromas of baking chocolate, smoke, and a hint of cola. Just like a premonition, these all vanish quickly, and yield to a dry finish that keeps your face in your glass.


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