Remember friends. If you're going to take part in civil disobedience turn off your fingerprint scanner on your phone. Authorities can force you to unlock a phone with a fingerprint but they can't force you to enter a password. Also, grab one of the ACLU apps for your state

We’ve watched our country show the world who we are. America willfully, some gleefully, elected a racist, sexist, xenophobic blowhard. His win is disappointing but the reality that so many listened to him and then actively chose him is disgusting. I thought we had made such progress. I was wrong. America is an obnoxious teenager acting out against all reason. Facts and intellectual discussion were pushed aside for outrage and hyperbole. We don’t know what’s coming but I know I’m going to be supporting the ACLU and the EFF in the immediate future. It’s a start.



Other things to start paying attention to:

Tor Project

Encrypted messaging apps like Signal